Yaacov’s Offspring- Rui and Maria Gabriela from Portugal

We as family met Rui and Maria Gabriela de Freitas Urbina at the home group of Rui Quinta and his father at Lisbon. Since then we continued contact. Recently they came into my mind to ask them to share a part of their story….
“My wife and I would like to let our testimony about how we found our identity and our faith in Yeshua as the Israel Messiah. 

We are Rui and Maria Gabriela, we are 33 and 31 years old, we were born in Venezuela in traditional Catholic families. 

In my case (Rui), I grew up questioning myself about the faith, and comparing some of the traditions we had with what is established on the Bible we supposed to read. Sometimes I questioned my mom, others I just talked with friends about their point of view. But I never got a clear answer about discrepancies that I found reading the Bible (just a little bit). But I decided not to search more; I think it was immaturity combined with fear to change if I’d find that my faith was wrong. The truth is that I was a young man with a lot of questions in my mind and without any help to find a real answer, and when I just read the Bible I missed so many things. It wasn’t till I engaged with Maria, that we took the decision to look after the truth till the end. 
María Gabriela had as an “advantage”, her grandma (who raised her), changed from the Catholicism to the Christian Church, and at a certain point of her adolescence, she bring Maria with her to know something different. Maria got passionate for the fraternity, for the music, and for the way that they feel the Lord. One day in the church, they received a messianic jew, that tried to explain things about the Torah, teaching in one of the meetings about the things we should do as believers in the Bible. The pastors rejected the information and the Messianic Jew.  Shortly after, Maria Gabriela left the Christian church and moved to the city alone, so she had to look for a room, and because of the Lord’s things, the family that rented it to her was messianic.  She was there for about 5 years, where despite seeing some things, she led a very busy life of study and work.  This whole transition led her to think that she had to make a life change.
Maria and I met before entering to the University, we were doing a preparation course for the exams to enter on it. At this time we just developed a friendship, but because responsibilities, remoteness and other circumstances, we drifted away from each other. However  fortunately it wasn’t the end, some years later we rediscovered and decided to have a life together. One of the strongest feeling brought us together was the wish to follow God with our hearts, to find the truth and look after a better understanding of the Holy Word. 
For political and economic problems in Venezuela, we decided to move to Portugal. Looking for a group to study Torah, we met Vitor and Rui Quinta through the site www.kol-shofar.org. We started to study with them about 4 years ago. I just cannot explain how it changed our lives and minds. I can only say that we started to know Mashiah in a Hebrew point of view. We started to understand so many things in the Bible related to the Hebrew language and culture, things that gave us a way to life. We understood that the Torah wasn’t expired. And the most important, we just found an identity, and we could be part of the promises of Adonai. We discovered that everything is related to Israel and Yeshua. To summarize, here in Portugal we found more than a church and friends, we found a family, the love of the Lord, and that we belong to the 10 lost tribes of Israel. For us, it just was a “teshuva”.
At this moment we feel that all of us are being called, we are at the time of the prophesy of Ezekiel 37. In one side we can see a ” world ” lost in lies and people coming from the world, like the dry bones that come to life, coming to Mashiah, coming to the Torah. And in the other side we see one people that never lost their identity (Judah tribe), some of them with a veil on their face, but a lot of them waking up to Yeshuah. So many things have happened, but we feel that we are more close to decisive moments, in which we will have to decide between the life and death (spiritual and in the flesh). So many people will lose life in the flesh, but they will gain it in the soul.
Our purpose like part of Israel is to give testimony that we are not death, that we are a living nation, with a constitution, with a King, with a promise of the land. One kingdom is coming soon to make order in such a mess, and we must be the living proof of this people, with our music, with our faith, with our way to life, bringing the good news to the world, that there is only a way to enter in Israel.
I hope this words could encourage others con continue in this way. Thank you for the opportunity to express ourselves.”
Rui and Gabriela
Rui and Maria Gabriela De Freitas Urbina

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