Barry Phillips: Hands on restoration

Reading an article of Barry Philips, elder of BYNA, I was touched by sharing one of his main thoughts:

He will indeed need you and I to take part in His Hands On Restoration for people who are broken and wandering, seeking the way back to Tzyion. It’s not enough to throw out teachings and calls, but we will be required to stretch out our hands. They hear us, but can they sense our compassion without our touching them? A man who had not been touched in a long time felt Y’shua’s hand on him. He was never the same again.”

These words tell us important facts about compassion out of understanding what someone motivate to act (shema).

It is so important not to focus on mainly teachings, because people who are hungry for more are not only focus on mind. They have a heart and spirit too.

Recently I was reading a book which subject was about head, heart and hands. If these three not work together, we are going in unbalance.

Our first and greatest example is Yeshua from Whom we read He was so full of compassion to the people who were seeking Him.

When we read about him over and over we will grow into sensivity about the ones who are hungry, thirsty and tired from the difficulties that have. When we will act like family, practising family (not only saying), then we see the results of a growing family. Not fast, but a slowly solid growing family, where time is for all sorts of subjects, what lives in all ages of the family.

Time spending together is not a program, it is familytime with a part of study the Scriptures, a part of sharing thoughts to one another, a game together (we have practising some very joyful moments with children ánd parents. We regularly do.)During the time we are do our duties at our own houses, we stay in touch.

The next words, Barry shared are touching us as well:

“If we are to see eye to eye, in agreement with Y’shua and share His agenda, we must be willing to do the same. This means not only sharing the message to the Last Days Restoration of the House of Yisrael, but also walking with those who are learning, guiding them through the long process of seeing a different paradigm than what they had been exposed to. People have issues. They’re angry at religious systems, frustrated with professional men of title, and struggle with others who don’t understand their new journey. They need the hand of one who has compassion and a gentle touch to encourage them. They need their sores healed, not just diagnosed.”


While I read Barry’s thoughts, my heart reminds me of one of the Congresses at Ariel. Same thougths were shared by Ephraim and Rimona Frank. In my mind I see everyone who were there. There something special and unique in our history happened. Abba YHVH blessed us with a strong connection to one another. We became family.

To continue family is having interest in eachother, to continue contact. We became creative to keep in touch with one another.

We regognize our spritual family when they have the same motivation out of the same heart and mind. Our main Connecter is Yeshua.

We met Barry Phillips and his wife at the Congress, Ephraim and Rimona Frank have organized.

When we will see with Yeshua’s eyes we will see much more than just meeting someone.

I will end with the last sentence Barry wrote:

We have a tall order and challenge. Let us see with Y’shua’s eyes, seeing eye to eye, changing lives and offering Hands On Restoration.

Some verses from Scriptures came into my mind as an encouragement and confirmation:  Jer.31:3; Hos.11: 4; Zeph 3:17; Joh 13:35, 15:10; Joh 17:26; 2Cor 13:11; Col 1:13; 1Th 3:12; 1Th 5:8; 1Jn 4:10,16; 2Jn !:6

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