Yaacov’s Offspring: Philip Gilbert

I met Philip Gilbert online when he wrote to be interested to attend a group online, called TwoSticksIsraelites. Because my interest in people, who will become family all over the world, I asked Philip  why he would attend that group and I understood he is family. recently i asked him to share a part of his story for this serie Yaacov’s Offspring

1.Can you introduce yourself in some words?

My Name is Philip Gilbert and Hello from Oz the Land Down Under (Australia)

2. Would you tell how you discovered that written Torah still is?

I was in the Church for about 30 years. Almost 17 years ago while
still in the church I started to ask myself questions and made
statements about how I view the bible and my faith. These questions/
statements were:

a.     How do I view the bible and walk out my faith, is it through
Western eyes? (Greek understanding) or Eastern eyes? (The culture of
that time).

Note: I asked this question to some of the youth group males from a
church football team back in 2000. Their response was that they saw
their belief through Western eyes (Greek)

b.     I made a statement; Jesus is the Law. I stated this to people
who I knew in the church but did not get any response.

c.     Another question/statement I made was, “if we are grafted into
the branch that makes us a Jew and not a believing gentile”.

d.     Why don’t we acknowledge the 4th commandment? (Remember the
Shabbat keep it holy).

e.     Christmas and Easter are not biblical. This was brought to my
attention by a Pastor by the name of David Parson when I was still in
the church, and after reading a book handed to me by my
brother-in-law: Pagan Christianity”. written by Frank Viola.

f.      When Jesus was teaching the be-attitudes, he was talking to
His “own” people.

g.     When Saul wrote the letters to the church, he was writing to
his “own” people.

h.     I made a statement to people that I did not acknowledge the
term used “church” and stopped calling myself a “Christian”.

i.      The scripture John 3:16 was taken out of context, it was meant
for His people.

j.      I had people telling me that we did not live according to the
Old Testament.

k.     The buzz word used in Christianity was the word “grace”, and
which I started to question because my belief that it was taken out of
context. Another buzz word was used very often after I have faced hard
challengers with people, “you have to have more grace”, this term
really frustrated me.  And not to mention the word Love, for example
you just got to love them. Again, I believed that it was taken out of

Note: the above terms that I used i.e Jesus, Law, grace etc, is before
I had any knowledge of Hebrew understanding.

3.When did you discover your biblical identity?

I discovered my I.D when I was exposed to teaching on the “Two Houses
of Israel”, (Judah & Ephraim) the topic was called “discovering your
Identity” by Rabbi Steve Berkson. This was over two years ago. Then I
was introduced to “Alan Horvat” and started learning “Aramaic Hebrew”
and learn “Otiots”
I have been learning from other Mentors like: Kehilat Melech Yisrael,
Tamir Kriesman,

4.Do you know people in your area who confess and live out the same
knowledge? Do you have meetings with them?

I meet up with other believers, we are a small group but we are asking
Abba Father to bring more believers in.

One of the believers has had seminary training in the SDA
denomination, and from there into the Pentecostal environment, and
then like myself and everyone else who left the church due to the
false teaching. He leads the group and has insight and knowledge on
the subject of the scripture from a Hebrew perspective and has a
relation with Abba Father.

5.Do you know which call the house of Israel has and the house of
Judah? Can you confirm it with the written Word?

In my understanding, I believe that I am a Yisra’elite, a Natsarim, in
the house of Ephrayim. This is because of reading Romiyim (Romans) 11,
Ma’aseh (Acts) 15, Eph’siyim (Ephesians), Qolasim (Colossians), not
forgetting the Nebi’im (prophets) Hoshea (Hosea), Yeshayahu (Isaiah),
Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah), Yehezqel taking about the two houses of

Sjalom again


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