One of the presents I received when I was staying in Mesa-Phoenix meeting my family and attending family gathering BYNA, were two  mezoeza’s on which was written the ten commandments. I wrote Mark Webb to ask the information behind the story and this evening I saw he had answered. I like to share the result with you all. I asked Mark for permission to share with you what he wrote. This is what he wrote:

“Here is the story of the Mezuzah. I had been reading Deuteronomy chapter 6 where Abba says to write these words on your doorpost, I wondered what words. The spirit revealed to me that it was the words in chapter 5, the ten commandments. So I thought where could I find proof that it was the ten commandments that was placed on the Mezuzah? So as I researched I thought I wonder if they found any mezuzah’s in the caves of Qumran, so I searched. I discovered they did find some and what was written on them was the ten commandments. So we started putting the ten words on our doorposts from that time onward. I hope this blesses you. 

Blessings, Mark Webb Servant Leader, Living Messiah Ministries Elder, B’ney Yosef North America”


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