Yaacov’s Offspring: Conner from Texas

We met Conner and his wife Celesta at least at one of the three Congresses Bney Yosef National. Since then we have continued contact…


I am Conner  Stevens. I, with my wife Celesta live in  Southwest Texas, but spend around four months a year in Israel for the  High Shabbats.

We are both retired from ranching, raising cows, chickens and goats and previous careers in land surveying and map making. Our grand children have taken over the ranch operations which freed us to spend time in Israel. 

I have two sons and now we have 9 grand children and three great grand children.  

After christian back grounds I was feeling empty and began praying in earnest for what was missing. Avinu brought a man into our path in 2006. He gave us some basic information that we immediately knew was the answer. We started keeping Shabbat each week and the High Shabbats also and have ever since.

We both have been evolving for all these years. To began with trying not only to do our work but His also. Finally learned to wait and see what He does then we both said hinene (here I am ). Since then our lives haven’t been ours.

We knew early on that we were not just children of the most High Elohim but were also b’nei kol Yisrael.

We know many people who are like minded in Texas and in New Mexico,  Arizona,  Iowa,  Florida, California, Missouri and Oregon. We meet with people in Texas and New Mexico. We also meet with christian people that are waking up to Torah to some degree and Jews. 

We both understand the separate callings of the house of Judah and the house of Israel. But also all Yaakov when the two houses become one again. And we can confirm it in the Word.

I’m establishing a web site soon for articles and blog. 

Shalom mishpocah 


At a recent Shabbat with friends and my mom (91) near Ft Worth, Texas

From right to left: A sister, Celesta, Conner, his mom (91) and other friends.

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