Yaacovs Offspring: Clifford from Malaysia

We met Clifford online before 2008. Over the years we wrote and shared things about Israel, faith, Yeshua, Ezekiel 37 and also practical things, like asking contacts for friends who like to visit his country or something else. I have asked Clifford if he wanted to answer the five and this is what he sended back:

1.Can you introduce yourself in some words?

This is Clifford, a Chinese from Malaysia.

Malaysia is the most southern tip of the whole Asia continent,

Scripturally speaking, I am from one of the land that described as “from the end of the world”

2.Would you tell how you discovered that written Torah still is?

I first discovered the actual faith of the first century believers were not christianity while i was touring Yisrael in 2006 during Sukkot. That started my quest for truth and began a journey to return back to Torah. 

3.When did you discover your biblical identity?

It was on Yom Teruah 2007

4.Do you know people in your area who confess and live out the same knowledge? Do you have meetings with them?

Yes, ever since my discovery in this new found faith in 2006, ABBA YHWH linked me up immediately people in the same understanding and have been having regular Sabbath celebrations.  

5.Do you know which call the house of Israel has and the house of Judah? Can you confirm it with the written Word?  

Ber/Gen 32:10
“I (Yaaqob) do not deserve the least of all the MERCY (chesed) and all the TRUTH (emet) which You have shown Your servant, for I passed over this Yardĕn with my staff, and now I have become two groups.


Clifford Chong

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