Yaacovs Offspring: Tzefanyah from the US

We first met Tzefanyah online around 2014 because of James Block and on the first Congress BYN 2015 at Ariel we met eachother in person together with his wife Reyyna. Since then we continued contact in person and online…much more to share later…

Tzefanyah added two optional questions and answers to this interview and they are important as well, thank you Tzefanyah.

1.Can you introduce yourself in some words?

My name is Tzefania Pappas. I live in the northern part of the state of Georgia in the USA with my wife Reyyna. We have both been in this walk for about the same amout of time – 1997 for me and around 2000-2001 for her. I gave my life to Yeshua (then known as Jesus) in 1984 when I was 22 years old.
2.Would you tell how you discovered that written Torah still is?
I was a single man at the time living in the northern part of the state Wisconsin in the USA. I heard on the radio in my car (I was 150 miles from home visiting a friend) about an event called Shavuot. I felt an urging by the Spirit that I needed to be there. I could not take down the information, but Abba provided a way! When I got home, during that week I heard a Messianic rabbi being interviewed on the local Christian AM radio station. He was one of the organizers! That was 1997 when I realized a life of Torah was for believers in Yeshua.

3.When did you discover your biblical identity?

That occurred exactly 1 year later. I did not know it but Sukkot 1997, Abba said to me, “Every joint, every sinew, I am rebuilding.” In 1998, on my first trip to Israel during Sukkot I heard Yahn Willem Vanderhoven speaking people struggle with their identity. He said there was a book in the back called “Who Is Israel” that you need to get and it may answer your question. I ran back there to get that book!!! Not much into the book I realized that I am an Israelite and that Abba quoted to me in 1997 Ezekiel 37 – every joint, every sinew I am rebuilding the nation of Ephraim!

4.Do you know people in your area who confess and live out the same knowledge? Do you have meetings with them?

Yes, it is a small group. There others 1.5 hrs away that we visit as well and have a close relationship with.

5.Do you now which call the house of Israel has and the house of Judah? Can you confirm it with the written Word?

Oh, yes, I am currently teaching on Friday nights Israelite identity to some Christians and other Shabbat observers. Ezek. 37 and Jer. 31 are two best Scriptures. Also all of Hoshea speaks of Ephraim, our divorce, and subsequent restoration.

Two optional questions:

6.What do you use with the revealed knowledge in your life?

You have to say, “Hineni! (here I am!) to Abba and once he sees a willing vessel He will create these occasions to share with others.

7.What is your intention and purpose?

To see Ephraim’s wounded heart healed so that we can draw others into the family by them seeing the working of the presence of Yeshua working in among the chosen people of Ephraim. It is Yeshua Himself working in might that hope of glory that profoundly affect our world.

Tzefanyah have a personal website chazakyisrael.com

 and beyondthemountain.org which he is doing with Solomon O. Lopez.   

You will notice on this website that they have confirmed a date for their first event – Labor Day weekend here in the US.  August 31 – 1 Sept , 2019  https://beyondthemountain.org/category/events/

Tzefanyah and Reyyna Pappas




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