Yaacovs Offspring: Maria from Sweden-Israel

We met Maria Nordin and her husband Hans Olof at the first Congress of Bney Yosef National, held in Ariel 2015 after Shavuot.

We have so much in common and since then we continued our friendship. I have asked Maria for this fivepoint interview.

This is what she answered:

1.Can you introduce yourself in some words?

I am Maria and am born and raised in northern Sweden.  Sweden is a country that is very beautiful and which I love even if my heart and my identity, like Israel / Ephraimite, are in Israel. 

For the past 12 years I have spent my money and time on staying in Israel as a tourist or volunteer.  I have volunteered in several different places and right now, since 6 months, I find myself and my husband at the German Christian Kibutzen BetEl in Zichron Yacov.
2.Would you tell how you discovered that written Torah still is?

One example is that here in Israel, it is clear that Ephraim and the Jews are drawn closer to each other in friendship and trust.  In various places, including via the Kibutz! the Rabins are studying Torah with us non-Jews, Christians, believers, Ephraimites.

3.When did you discover your biblical identity?

2009 in a home whith very close friends that teach me.

4.Do you know people in your area who confess and live out the same knowledge?

Yes in our area in north Sweden there are two more couples.

At the Kibutz where we now are, there is some people inside the Kibutz but also in the area nearby.

Do you have meetings with them?

Yes, we meet each other regular.

The people near the Kibutz we meet perhaps once a month.
5.Do you know which call the house of Israel has and the house of Judah? Can you confirm it with the written Word?

It is clear in Ezekiel 37 that YHVH will bring Ephraim’s rod together with the Judah stake and they will become one.  He will bring the children of Israel from all directions and they will have the same king and shepherd and they will live in the land of Israel which he gave to his servant Jacob.  Please read the text of the Bible.

You can give a picture of yourself ,also  a webside or some activities on facebook / mewe where you write your articles or music/arts

I have no website to share, but I can share a beautiful winter picture of me.  Missing the lovely winter in Sweden, but enjoying the sun in Israel

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