Yaacovs Offspring: Margaret from Great Britain 2

Thank you Margaret for your message to answer the other questions! I will publish it as a story, just how you wrote it to me…

“Here I am again Hadassah, trying to pick up the thread from my first reply to you , some time ago now! I apologise…like many of us I have a busy life! ……I ended my last email by coming to the turning point in my journey of entering in to the fullness of all Yahwey has for His children , in discovering our true identity…..I had been asked to speak on Israel , at a conference..Israel’s role and importance to the kingdom of God…I was struggling with this …I knew who Israel was in the “Old Testament ” but Who is Israel in the “New Testament”…..was it “the church”?..was it A spiritual Israel now as I’d been taught in the brethren assemblies, where dispensationalism was the doctrine adhered to…Israel had their dispensation…..the time of the law…Now it’s the church in the age of grace..and in the future Israel again will have her moment ..I couldn’t make sense of any of it really…

So when I heard Ephraim Frank speak about the two houses of Israel and Judah and the end of Ephraim’s punishment , the 10 lost northern tribes in the nations now being shown their true identity as Israelites …it suddenly all fell into place ..as Rimona confirmed for me…Israel is the same israel all the way through the bible from beginning to end! At the end of his talk Ephraim said to us all..”now you have discovered who you are , you’d better start behaving like Israelites..!…and start with learning the precepts of Yahwey “…

thére began my true crossing over

..into the Hebrew faith

…up to then I’d only been paddling at the edge of the river..now it was time to start swimming !…it was quite easy for me to leave “church ” behind ..I started that several years before..so it was a gradually cutting free for me..as I swam towards understanding that the Torah is still relevant , essential even today , that it is indeed as it always has been a Torah of grace , now Yeshua has filled it up and written it on our hearts ..I left the shores of replacement theology , (but I would say that the brethren taught me to love the Jewish people and further back the Anglican Sunday school taught me to love Jesus ..and prepared me to accept Him as my Saviour as a young teenager in the brethren at a youth camp and both gave me a love of the word) and the Babylonian system “Come out of her my people”……and the friends who had been praying for me welcomed me into their Kehillat..Beit Shalom…where I grew !…it was often a struggle as I unlearned the lies that we have inherited from the fathers ..but in the end the words of Yeshua in Matthew5:17-19 have been my plumbline! “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the neviim …I have come to complete and fulfill them..for truly I tell you that until heaven and earth have passed away, not even the smallest letter , or one little hook (jot and tittle) will pass from the Torah until all it foreshadows is accomplished .Who Ever then breaks or does away with or relaxes the least of these commandments and teaches men to do so will be least in the kingdom of heaven…but he who practises them and teaches others to do so will be called great in the kingdom of heaven “…..and this is my passion now ..”…..to walk in the paths of righteousness which is the Torah made flesh in Yeshua ..as His bride….obedience to the Torah is the sanctification of the bride..her veil of separation..the Shabbat her wedding ring, and to teach others to do the same…..I want to show the longing of Yahwey for His bride to respond to Him in this matter , to return to the ancient paths….I am called to do this by Him, through the gift of dance, and the displays using the Menorah , talits and beautiful fabrics ….

I include a picture of the most recent one ..which depicts ..Yahwey coming forth from Sinai to meet His bride..He has been waiting for her and will give her the Ketubah the commandments or the 10 words…which are the terms of the marriage / covenant …the display is prophetic of the latter days when once again Yahwey will come for His bride , who is ready to embrace her groom…because she has been walking in His paths of righteousness...I will continue to fanswer more of your questions in part 3 !

foto Margaret Young2

My time in Beit Shalom with Natanel as the leader , was precious , there were a small nucleus of us who now totally understood the Whole House of Israel , that we as believers are part of the regathering , Out of the nations of the lost sheep of the 10 northern tribes , who were scattered in the nations , lost our identity , assimilated into the nations , but whilst we were there in excile…..In .Galilee of the nations began our return as Yeshua, the Shepherd came to seek those lost sheep…He only came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel !!from then on began the spread of the Besorah into all the nations , His Talmidim having been sent out as fishers of men, the deeper meaning of this being revealed in this generation ..is that the descendants of Yoseph through Ephraim and Manasseh would multiply like fish in the nations , becoming a multitude of nations , ,,,,In Beit Shalom I grew..and enjoyed sweet fellowship for many years…But sadly two years ago we suffered a huge assault by the enemy which resulted in our being fractured …an even smaller remnant met when they could …I also went through changes in my dance group ..for a while it looked like the end ..but truly..those in whose hearts is a highway to Zion , although they go through pools of weeping , will see them change into springs of joy..I’m still dancing and teaching ..alone under a new name for the ministry which is Gila which means To rejoice…and from the word Gilalai which was the name for the team who continually brought forth praise in the tent of david, which is being restored today…from this name comes Lai Lai lai lai ..often sung in the synagogue and in messianic praise today …Bur Yahwey has brought other dancers around me who I can ask from time to time to join me in a dance ..but Immanuel Dance group was not up for auditions to replace anyone …it was a unique ministry that forms the foundation for all that I am today and has equipped me for the ministry He is calling me into today…Another door opened for me and for Natanel..A recent coming to faith in Yeshua by a very observant orthodox Jewish man , and His believing wife from the background of Christianity , have started a Shabbat gathering and home group…David and Christine Rose..and it’s very interesting that Christine was told a few years ago that she is descendant of Gad…she is part Greek.As yet they believe in walking in Torah , and of course the nations being grafted in , but so far hav’nt understood The lost tribes being Ephraim. But they have Natanel to teach them…I can dance and do my displays there which is wonderful.At the moment it is a bridge between the church and the Hebrew roots ..but I see it changing as a remnant who completely cross over emerge into a strong if not small Kehillat.Now one more question to answer …the roles of Judah and Ephraim ..and scripture back up …will have to be part 4!

The last question..to confirm the roles as I see it of the house of Judah and the house of Ephraim  with scriptures…based on all I have learned about the two houses, and allowing scripture to interpret scripture I believe both are the witnesses sited in Zachariah 4:3….Judah and Ephraim both believe in and adhere to the one true Elohim of Israel , who made heaven and earth , besides Him there is no other….they are the two sticks …inEzekiel 37…..and the two that will become the one new man in Ephesians 2:14-16….not sure enough of my understanding of how this dovetails with revelation 11:4&5unless it’s a whole
A body of people  ..need to study more , or perhaps you or K. can throw some light on this…I believe Judah held the sceptre til messiah comes…from Judah came the lineage of Yeshua , and Judah had the privilege of being given adoption , the skekina , the covenants, the Torah , temple worship , ….I realise that all israel were given these things but it was the house of Judah that were faithful and have preserved them for us today…some were not but Yahwey kept a remnant through grace…..Ephraim were faithless, but mercy and grace shown as they were shown The gospel from the  early Jewish believers..and were commissioned to spread the gospel ..I’m being challenged in this !!! What am I basing my beliefs on ..Salvation came to the Jew first then the nations ….the nations consisting of the fullness of Ephraim and Manasseh …So given this commission to be fishers of men from Yeshua…So my conclusion would be ..Judah /Torah Ephraim the Torah in the flesh Yeshua …but I think I have a question ! Maybe someone can answer ….Did Yah divorce Judah or just The northern tribe s /Ephraim….also in the story of the prodigal son …Now thought to be Ephraim returning to the fold…To The elder brother …thought to be Judah ,Yeshua said you have always been with me ..and all that I have is yours….and thescriptures say that the enmity between Judah and Ephraim will depart ..and they will be one in His hand to destroy the Greek ..Isaiah 11:13…..I will be grateful for any input , correction if necessary….but there is a dichotomy between us in Bney Yoseph ..to Evangelise Judah or not ? I have to say I cringe inside when believers say of Jew , however Godly or spiritual  he is ..”ah but he has nt got Yeshua …”… I have worked with Ebenezer ministries who helped Olim make Aliyah from Ukraine but signed with Israeli government that they wouldn’t evangelise..well they didn’t with words..just by their actions and many turned to Yeshua once they were in the land because their hearts were softened by the gospel without words ..well I think I’ve finished !!! I send lovecand greetings from Gozo where we are on holiday!….

Margaret Young3


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