Als één lid lijdt…

Onderstaand bericht heb ik met onze andere familie van Bney Yosef gedeeld:


Some of the families in this report we know personally. Matthyn and Wilma Mulder with their kids moved from the Netherlands to Portugal to take a lifestyle back to basic. After this last shabbat a family who was with them to spend shabbat with them, departed and came back to them, telling them they saw smoke and fire. All the families who experience this messianic lifestyle in close area together fled in their cars. All were saved and alive, but they lost lots of things. I want to ask attention to you to look after with something you can give. Thank you for your attention. Shalom.

Print PDFTERWOLDE/FIGUEIRO DOS VINHOS De verwoestende bosbranden hebben vrijwel niets overgelaten van de huizen en bezittingen van de messiaanse leefgemeenschap in Portugal. Vanuit…|Door MessiaNieuws

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